Call For Walls 2018

If you have a publicly visible external wall that you think may be suitable for Nuart Aberdden then we want to hear from you!


To submit a wall, please send an email to with the following information:


– A photo of the wall/s


– Address


– Approximate dimensions of the wall or a photo of a person standing in front of the wall (for scale)




Shaun Hose, Assistant Director of Rockspring, which owns Aberdeen Indoor Market, has encouraged property owners to come forward. He said: “Rockspring have been fortunate enough to work with Nuart on three artworks which exceeded our expectations. The art is now an integral part of the Indoor Market space overlooking The Green and the Merchant Quarter.


We are proud to have worked with Aberdeen Inspired and Nuart by providing them with a canvass to enhance the urban landscape and breathe life back into our building. We and the stakeholders of the Merchant Quarter have benefited from Nuart Aberdeen and look forward to working with them again on other projects.”

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