Conference Day 2


Sticking it to the Man: The Visual Activism of Dr. D

Presentation by Adrian Burnham (UK), followed by Q&A


Unethical politics, abuses of power, the noxious effects of consumer culture: these and more are the targets of Dr. D’s visual activism.


Michel de Certeau’s theories of the everyday note that deploying ‘tactics’ – those small acts of resistance against an imposed order – means being constantly on the watch for ‘spaces within which to manoeuvre’. From large-scale urban interventions to opportunities seized on the wing, this talk will explore some of the many and various ways Dr. D’s visual activism enacts a constant deflection of power and questions the controls of a ‘disciplinary’ society, all while putting a smile on our faces.


Adrian Burnham has a long held empirical interest in both the variety and efficacy of interventions on urban space and a particular fascination with paper-based art and visual activism. His career spans both a mundane engagement with the metropolis – as a commercial flyposter in the 1980s and 90s – to more academic study of the city and the social production of space at Goldsmiths University. After 10 years leading courses and lecturing on art and design at Hackney Community College, in June 2016 he founded and continues to curate a street display and online platform for socio-politically engaged artists.

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