Beuys (107mins)


Sunday 15th April


Belmont Filmhouse
49 Belmont Street, AB10 1JS


Tickets: £10; concessions £8
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Introduction by Adrian Burnham (UK)



Joseph Beuys was a German artist who was viewed as radical by the contemporary art gatekeepers of the 1980’s because of his belief that ‘everybody is an artist’.


For Beuys, the spaces we live in are art; the work we do is art; the conversations we have are art; everything is art and everyone is an artist. He created the term ‘social sculpture’ to describe the way art can transform society, how we as a whole build part of the ‘social sculpture’ by shaping society and the environment with our words, actions, thoughts and the objects we create. He believed that society as a whole was one great big masterpiece that each person could contribute to individually.


Director Andreas Veiel and his team mined countless, previously untapped visual and audio sources for the first major documentary on Beuys and his world of ideas, which are as visionary and relevant today as ever.

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