Inky Protest

A Collaborative Exhibition Between Nuart and Peacock Visual Arts

Thursday 12th April
11 Castle Street, Aberdeen AB11 5BQ


Free entry



Inky Protest displays a selection of work plucked from the archives of Nuart Gallery and Peacock Visual Arts respective print houses, featuring some of the world’s leading names in the Street, Urban and Lowbrow art movements from Brad Downey, Mike Giant and Ralph Steadman to Futura, Martha Cooper and Jamie Reid.


Exhibition: Thu 12th April – Sat 5th May
Opening times: Tue – Sat; 10:00 – 17:00

Nuart Gallery is a project space established as a way to utilise the networks created through the development of the Nuart Festival and other public art projects. The space aims to nurture young regional and national talent from our base in Stavanger whilst at the same time hosting and producing exhibitions and public art projects from some of the world’s leading street and urban artists. The gallery focusses on producing quality shows of predominantly narrative and figurative art, while continuing to invite artists to create both sanctioned and unsanctioned work in the public space.


Nuart Gallery, like Nuart Festival, is a not-for-profit organisation. All income generated from the sale of artworks goes towards producing the annual Nuart Festival in Stavanger and ensuring our continued existence.


Since 1974, Peacock Visual Arts has supported thousands of artists in the production of artworks, ranging from prints to video works, photography, performance and site-specific public installations. At its core lies the idea of the multiple; work that can be reproduced in a variety of formats, analogue and digital, reconfiguring the relationship between the artist, the artwork and the audience, or simply – making, learning and showing.


Peacock’s role in the city of Aberdeen, through its printmaking department, digital studio and gallery/project space W OR M has been to activate spaces where artists and citizens, prompted by artworks, congregate around ideas and practices that interrupt everyday routines. Peacocks making facilities include a digital fabrication studio, screen printing studio and relief printing studio.


Peacocks will host a series of Risograph workshops for budding print-makers on various dates from Saturday 13th April to Saturday 5th May.


W OR M is also the drop-off point for contributions to Nipper’s on-going ‘Mission Directives’ project.

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