Mission Directives

Walking Tour with Nipper (NO)

Sunday 15 April
Departure point: W OR M
11 Castle Street, Aberdeen AB11 5BQ





Embrace the spirit of ‘psychogeography’ and learn how to navigate the city like a graffiti or street artist on a special ‘Mission Directives’ tour of the city with Nipper!


Join Nuart Aberdeen’s resident artist Nipper as he retraces his steps through Aberdeen city centre via the various Mission Directives points installed across the heart of town. Bring along your own original artworks and, if you’re lucky, pick up the latest works by other contributing artists.


N.B Please give others a chance to take and enjoy artwork if you have already found a Mission Directive in and around Aberdeen.


If you live and work in the city you can easily forget your surroundings as you rush from home to work and back again 5 days a week. 


But what if you stopped to consider the built-up environment around you: how does it make you feel? What does it represent? How should we interact with it?


If you ask these questions then, whether you realise it or not, you are a psychogeographer.


(Leo Kent, Humans Invent)

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