Nuart Kick-Off: Letters on the Margins

Talk by Carlo McCormick

Thursday 12th April
The Anatomy Rooms
Marischal College, Shoe Lane, AB10 1AN


Free entry



Join us at The Anatomy Rooms as we kick-of our program with a celebration of the power of the letter form!


Carlo McCormick (US), author, critic, curator and walking Encyclopaedia of all things New York underground – most recently advising the Barbican Centre on Boom For Real, the UK’s first major retrospective of Jean-Michel Basquiat – takes us on a meandering philosophical journey through Downtown time and space. Inspired by his curation of the first major exhibition of influential artist RAMMΣLLZΣΣ (set to open this May at Red Bull Arts New York), this insightful “trip” promises to renovate how we perceive the word by reconnecting our language to the world from which theory severed it.


– A president posing in front of the message ‘Broken Promises’ on a wall in the South Bronx as if it’s a local political problem instead of a national disgrace; an artist carving S.O.S. out of trees in an Indonesian rainforest; someone drawing a picture of a bird and sending it out from Staten Island as a message in a bottle that is found two and a half years later on the coast of France; a man named Freedom painting in the tunnels where the homeless have long lived underground in NYC; a mathematical prodigy and Harvard educated loner sending out bombs in the mail and terrifying the nation as the Unabomber.

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