Conference Day 1


Panel debate: Branded Ways of Seeing – Art As Luxury

Discussion led by: Evan Pricco
Panel: Cedar Lewisohn, Charlotte Pyatt and Stefan Winterle (DE)


“The bogus religiosity which now surrounds original works of art, and which is ultimately dependent upon their market value, has become the substitute for what paintings lost when the camera made them reproducible.” So declared the art critic, essayist and novelist John Berger in his seminal book ‘Ways of Seeing’.


Key to the explosion of Street Art on a global scale was its easily-reproducible nature and dissemination via new forms of technology. How do these factors affect the ‘desirability’ of street art within the context of the art market and how do commercial galleries engaged in street art and its associated movements negotiate the grey area between the commercial art world and a culture prevacated on a sharing economy?


Are rising auction prices for Banksy and Kaws, brand-led collaborations with Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton, and retrospectives for graffiti artists at the likes of Red Bull Arts New York hurting or enhancing the culture?


Stefan Winterle is curator at Colab Gallery and has been active as an artist in dozens of international and national exhibitions since 1993. In 2010 he was asked to takeover curatorial duties at Colab Gallery in south Germany, which has been dedicated to Urban Art since it was established, initially as Carhartt Gallery, in 2006.

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