Conference Day 2


Panel debate: A ‘BID’ For Inclusion

Discussion led by: Pedro Soares Neves
Panel: Adrian Burnham, Nipper (NO) and Claire Abbott (UK)


A successful city is a platform upon which citizens can achieve their social, personal, and economic aspirations. This platform should be available to all.


This debate explores how street art can act as a catalyst for civic agency and how seemingly small scale ‘space-staking’ gestures such as urban interventions, stencils, stickers and paste-ups in public space can trigger long-term cultural, social and economic capital within the wider context of the city.


If inclusive cities “maintain their wealth and creative power by avoiding marginalization, which compromises the richness of interaction upon which cities depend”, why and how should civic bodies and organisations nurture various forms of sanctioned and unsanctioned public art in the physical and mental environment?  What methods and strategies can be employed to convince city authorities of the value of unsanctioned forms of public artistic expression and how can they be sustained?


Nipper is a Bergen-based artist whose Mission Directives project focuses on social ideals of sharing, creativity and citizen-led communication in public space. By questioning who has the power and authority to communicate messages and create meaning in our shared spaces, his work becomes part of a broader conversation of social significance.


Claire Abbott has three main strands to her practice – community development, creative writing and socially engaged arts practice. She graduated from Sculpture at Grays in 2008 and completed a Masters in Education (Community Learning and Development) in Aberdeen in 2017. She is a core member of CAMINA (the critical and alternative methods and ideas network for action) and is about to embark on a Masters in Literature (Creative Writing). Her academic interests include the ways in which built environments shape lived experiences and the exploration of storied identities through narrative inquiry. She works in a diverse range of contexts including communities of interest, purpose and place, and is currently supporting communities in recovery.

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