Conference Day 2


Presentation by Carrie Reichardt (UK)

The People’s History – The Revolution Will Be Ceramicised
Presentation by Carrie Reichardt (UK), followed by Q&A


Inspired her research into the Aberdeen city archives, Carrie Reichardt describes her transition from ‘craftivist’ to ‘craft-archivist’ through her participation in Nuart Aberdeen 2018.


From The Witchcraft Papers to the North East Suffragette movement, Reichardt has trawled through some of the oldest and most complete set of records of any Scottish urban settlement to bring to light an alternative ‘herstory’ of Aberdeen and honour some of the unsung women of Aberdeen’s past.


From community projects in Argentina and Chile to her mosaic house in Chiswick, London (which stands as a monument to family and friends including human right’s activists The Angola Three) Reichardt will discuss the importance of narrative-based art in highlighting those individual and collective stories that have otherwise been whitewashed from history, and the powerful role that heritage-based art and objects can play in establishing and maintaining civic agency and identity.

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