Conference Day 1


Daily Life in our Daily Lives

Evan Pricco (US) in conversation with Hyuro (AR)


Hyuro joins Juxtapoz Editor-in-chief Evan Pricco to discuss her journey and the message behind her poetic public art works.

Place, space and time are themes in the work of Argentina-born, Valencia-based artist Hyuro. Best-known for her painterly compositions that combine vernacular depictions of daily life, Hyuro’s murals serve as reflections on both individual and collective identities. In her recent works, Hyuro portrays a series of characters undergoing tasks typically associated with the role of homemaker, literally and figuratively taking the ‘inside out’ in a subtle commentary on the patriarchal and capitalistic systems of power at play in our society.


Evan Pricco is the founder and Managing Editor of the world’s leading international contemporary art magazine, Juxtapoz, based in San Francisco, California. Prior to starting Juxtapoz in 2006, Evan worked at SF-based gallery and apparel company, Upper Playground. He is the author of Juxtapoz’ continuing book series, including titles on Poster Art, Illustration, Handmade Art, and Contemporary Painting.

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