Conference Day 1


Splash and Burn

Presentation by Ernest Zacharevic (LT) and Charlotte Pyatt (UK), followed by Q&A


Splash and Burn is an artist-led initiative by Ernest Zacharevic that uses creativity to encourage a wider conversation on unsustainable Palm Oil and the adverse affects this has on the forests and dwindling wildlife population of South East Asia.


At Ernest’s invitation, a number of artists (including Nuart Aberdeen 2017 participant Isaac Cordal) have been showing support by donating their time and creativity to the active field campaign, unfolding creative happenings on walls and in public spaces across the urban and rural landscapes of Indonesia.


Tackling issues such as forest fires and the transboundary haze, deforestation, human and animal displacement, the campaign is partnered with UK-based charity SOS and Indonesian based NGO OIC.


The project is initiated and curated by Ernest Zacharevic and coordinated by Charlotte Pyatt.


The presentation will include the first screening of a new short film documenting the most recent international street artist to engage with the Splash and Burn project in March 2018.


Charlotte Pyatt is a creative professional with a passion for projects and individuals seeking to activate positive change and discussion through art. She is based in London, working across Europe, USA and South East Asia.

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